Regardless of your location, we can help you. Over the years, we have worked with quite a number of individuals and organisations from all over the world, as we passionately contribute to their success stories.

As part of our strategy to reach our esteemed clients with ease and simplicity, our solutions are provided electronically and telephonically.

We engage each other through creative discussions mediums, such as emails, Skype or telephonically as we provide you with our excellent services, at the comfort of your location.

Whatever the intervention we may need to deploy — counselling, training, coaching or whatever it is, through these unique mediums, we deliver brilliantly.


Our one-on-one coaching sessions are the best option if you would like a greater degree of support throughout the process. Additionally, if you have big goals you want to achieve or big changes you would like to make, having regular coaching sessions can help you follow through with your plans and make faster progress.

Regular appointments give you deadlines, milestones and goals, and knowing you have upcoming sessions already scheduled will motivate you to actually do the energy work and action exercises that will ensure your success.

Our One-on-One coaching also gives you the additional advantage of having our personal support every step of the way, and our ability to help you quickly move through your limiting beliefs and doubts as they crop up, which allows you to achieve your big results that much faster.

With our one-on-one success coaching system, we communicate via Skype (voice only — we have discovered people are better able to open up and get into the process if they don’t feel like they are being “watched” through the video feed).

We will call you on your Skype account at your scheduled appointment time.

Please note that in order to purchase our one-on-one sessions, you must be willing to commit to three months of regular coaching.

Coaching sessions are scheduled at the same day and time, every second week (e.g. you have a coaching session every second Tuesday at 10:00AM).

What’s included?

1-hour telephone sessions every second week.
Three months of regular, dedicated time-slots.
Additional email support if required (at our discretion).

The first step in working with us in a one-on-one capacity is completing our quick Coaching screening form(it is our initial intake screening form).

If we decide to work together, you will then receive an invoice for your first month’s sessions. You will be auto-billed for future payments.

The questionnaire(our coaching screening form) is designed to help us better understand your specific concerns and desired change areas, so please answer in as much detail as you can. This questionnaire, incidentally, is also part of the coaching process itself and is designed to help you become more focused on what you really want to achieve.

What happens if I have to cancel a session?

If you need to cancel one of your regularly scheduled coaching sessions please let us know at least 24 hours before the call is scheduled to occur.

If notification occurs within 24 hours, we can reschedule that call as it fits into both of our schedules. (Please note that your rescheduled session may not happen on your regularly scheduled day/time.)

If we do not receive 24 hours’ notice for cancelled sessions, we will not be able to reschedule and you will simply lose that call.

We will call your Skype account at the start of your scheduled appointment time — if you do not answer within 15 minutes of your start time, you will be considered to have cancelled your appointment without notice and will lose the call.

Time missed for a late start to an appointment will not be made up at the end of that call or any other call. Please ensure to be prompt.


With an email coaching package you interact with us exclusively via email. Email coaching is a good option if you have a single, specific area of change or small goal you want to achieve. It’s also a good option if you are particularly shy and would feel more comfortable without actually talking to us. (Although, that is an area we can help you with in one-on-one sessions).

Keep in mind that we can only accomplish so much via limited emails, however, we can get things rolling and give you a roadmap for what to do next.

What’s included?

When you sign up for our email coaching, you will receive a questionnaire and coaching agreement to fill in. The questionnaire is designed to help us better understand your concerns and desired change areas. It also helps you become more focused on what you really want to achieve. Answer the questionnaire in as much detail as you can, as this helps us to understand your specific needs so that we can help you better.

After we receive your questionnaire, you will receive a response from us within 2 business days, along with an energy shifting and/or action exercise for you to do. There will also be some questions for you to answer after you have completed the exercise. Remember, you can read our response and the exercise instructions as often as you want, but you have to actually do the work if you expect to see any real results. We can help you, as long as you are willing to go the distance and do your part, too!

After you have done the exercise and answered the questions, send your responses back to us. You will receive another email response from us within 2 business days of our receiving your second email. This will have an additional exercise for you to do, with additional focus questions.

When you send these responses back to us, you will also have an opportunity to ask us any final questions you might have.

Within 48 hours of our receiving the responses to your second exercise, we will send you a third and final coaching email with a response to your second exercise and answers to your final questions.


You can expect a completely safe, non-judgmental coaching environment in which we will work together to help you manifest your personal dreams and goals.
For one-on-one personal success coaching packages, you can expect a regularly scheduled, one-hour, appointment every second week (e.g. every second Wednesday at 9:00AM).
For email packages, you can expect help with one smaller goal, provided exclusively via email.
With either type of package, you can expect things in your life to start changing, so be ready for that. A lot of the work that we will do together involves shifting your beliefs and energy patterns. When you do this, big changes can come quickly!
You can expect “homework”. We are going to be giving you tools and strategies to help you manifest your goals, and your success depends on your willingness to follow through and actually do these exercises.