“Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly… He loves even the flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

If you are searching for someone who loves you wholeheartedly and would do anything and everything for you, someone who thinks and deeply cares about you every moment of your life, someone who will never leave you or abandon you, someone who loves you the way you are but will never leave you as you are, only one person fits into this qualification – Your heavenly father!

Nothing you’ve done has changed God’s love for you. Yes, read that again! There is nothing that can cancel God’s love for you. God’s love is not like man’s. As a matter of fact, God has put his love on us, and now we are permanently loved by Him. We cannot go anywhere that His love won’t find us.

It is important you understand that God doesn’t love you because you are prayerful, or because of your religious activities or because you are holy, He loves you because you are His child – His life is in you. All He wants from you is that you receive His love and respond to it.

King David had this to say about the incredible love of God in Psalms 139:7-12, “Where could I go from your Spirit? Where could I run and hide from your face? If I go to heaven, you are there! If I go down to the realms of the dead, you are there too… Wherever I go, your hand will guide me, your strength will empower me…”

One thing we can always count on is the love of God; his love for us will never make him fail us or give up on us, no matter what.

As a matter of fact, “Christ proved God’s passionate love for us by dying in our place while we were still lost and ungodly.” (Romans 5:8, TPT).

One of the most significant discoveries we will ever make is to understand the love of God, and to grow daily in this understanding. The character, the commitment and integrity of God is better understood in our knowledge of his love. You really need to know that you are loved!

“Legalism says God will love us if we change. The gospel says God will change us because He loves us.” ― Tullian Tchividjia

There is so much to be excited about what the word of God says in 1 John 4:16, TPT, “We have come into an intimate experience with God’s love, and we trust in the love he has for us.” Yes, the love of God is unconditional, but it doesn’t mean he agrees or loves every act we engage in or every thought we think. The ultimate him of His love is to fulfil His purpose in our lives.

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We have a loving Father, but interestingly, many times our Father expresses his love and care for us through situations, events and circumstances that are beyond human fathoming and logic. Yes, that is why He is God. But, what keeps us at peace always is the fact that we know he loves us, and whatever he allows us to experience or confront must have a purpose and blessing for us – because his love will not allow him to permit what will overwhelm us.

“The sin underneath all our sins is to trust the lie of the serpent that we cannot trust the love and grace of Christ and must take matters into our own hands.” ― Martin Luther.

There is something fascinating about Father, sometimes he displays what I like to call, an eccentric sense of humour, and I imagine he expects us to laugh (or maybe smile) when we observe what Has done or what he is up to.

Many times, God will give you what you ASKED, to prove to you that it is NOT what you NEED.

Remember how the children of Israel cried for a ‘king’? Though God gave them what they asked, He knew it was not what they needed. After getting a king, the children of God still had a feeling of emptiness and need for direction. It is only God’s desire for us that will deeply satisfy our souls.

We need to seek the will of God above everything else. And yes, in all areas of our lives, there is the will of God that we need to submit to, to avoid pain, regret and to avoid living less than He desires for us. We must stay conscious of this truth at all times. When we go outside his will and his plan for our lives, regret and pain is inevitable. In your marriage, there is the will of God. In the way you do business, there is the will of God. We save ourselves from a lot of needless pain as we stay conscious of this truth, and as we esteem His will, above all else.

“If you have never known the power of God’s love, then maybe it is because you have never asked to know it – I mean really asked, expecting an answer.” ― Frederick Buechner.

We need to be careful, so we do not get distracted or carried away, because not all answered prayers reflects and indicates the will of God. The mere presence of miracles does not mean God is with you, and the absence of miracles does not mean God has abandoned you.

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We must desire a relationship with God above acquiring or possession anything.
More so, there is a dimension of God that miracles, breakthroughs and testimonies do not reveal; only TIME and MATURITY launches you into this realm. We must understand God from this dimension. There are realms in God only growth can bring you into. Therefore, it is so essential for us to press on every day with a desire to know him more. Let this be the ultimate desire of your life daily, and every other area of your life will be fine.

“Trusting God’s grace means trusting God’s love for us rather than our love for God. Therefore, our prayers should consist mainly of rousing our awareness of God’s love for us rather than trying to rouse God’s awareness of our love for him, like the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:26-29).” ― Peter Kreeft.

Above all else, live with the understanding and the overwhelming consciousness that your Father loves you; his love will never fail you, and his love will keep you wherever you go.

I hope you learnt a thing or two from this!

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