one of the remarkable and trustworthy attributes about our Father – The Almighty God, is His love us. While we may not always understand the seasons and circumstances, we come face-to-face with sometimes, we can always rely on His love to see us through and bring us to a pleasant end. His love never fails.

One of the guaranteed blessings God has promised everyone is TIME AND CHANCE; each one of us will always have our opportunity in destiny. Whether we would recognize, discern it or maximize it or not, that is another discussion altogether. So, time and chance must happen to each one of us.  An understanding of this truth should make you take each day, one step at a time.

I like to repeat it; everybody has their time. Do not feel like a failure when someone else is at the center-stage, and they seem to be enjoying the shine and attention of everyone. Everyone has their time. Make sure you are not busy being bitter, but you are busy making the most of your seemingly ‘silent’ season.

Your time will come. And when it happens, you had better have something great and exceptional to deliver to us. Until that time, keep growing, keep learning, keep submitting, stay humble, never stop pushing, and never look down on your self.

Time and chance must happen to us all!

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