When people walk out of our lives, it is not always a pretty thing, especially those we’ve come to depend on. As humans, there is the emotional attachment we develop over time as we build bonds and trust with people.

But, here is a fact, many times, it is God who leads certain people out of our lives. Yes, his is the master orchestrator at work in the lives of his beloved.

Many of what you thought and claimed was an ”attack” or a ’betrayal’ actually had the hand of God behind the scenes.

Many times, He will allow certain people to disappoint you and desert you, especially those who knowingly or unknowingly have assumed His place in your life. He knows that is the only way you will return to Him.

Indeed, many of us won’t have turned to God like we do now if not for certain things we have been through and certain people that walked out of our lives. God knows how to shake things up, such that though it may not look good in the immediate, it always serves His ultimate purpose.

Until certain people leave your life, you may never know the reality if divine presence, you may never know the reality of divine direction, and tin may never understand the reality it divine provision. Some people will need to walk out of your life for you to truly experience God.

Here is my counsel to you today, no matter what is happening in your life right now, and no matter the seasons you may face, decide to trust God in the plans and purposes of God, and find rest in this turn – GOD HAS YOU COVERED, AND EVERYTHING MUST WORK OUT FOR YOUR GOOD. It may not make sense in the immediate, but it will all come together very soon.

Have a blessed day further!