Dear friend, I believe that to positively change the kind of attention (and honor) you experience, your values must change for the better. To positive enhance your positioning, your principles must be reviewed. Excellence must be a central part of your value system. If you want to keep being patronized by average people, then avoid a culture of excellence. But, if your desire is to be with great people and to become a great person making great impact, then you need to cultivate a habit of excellence. Let excellence in all things become your passion and lifestyle.

I like you to understand that no great person settles for mediocrity, neither do they associate with mediocre people. So, if you want to attract quality people, you must avoid mediocrity and average delivery by all means.

Never do anything with financial gains as your primary focus. Don’t pursue money and ruin your name. You need to understand that posterity is the greatest form of prosperity. A great name is great wealth.


Addition to Excellence with Dr. Sule Emmanuel

Dear friend, great people are attracted to people of quality, and, great people go for quality product and services. To attract quality people, always do quality things. Five star people go to five star places.

Always remember, people of quality and excellence only patronize places and people of quality and excellence.

Show me a quality shop and I will show you a shop patronized by only quality people. Show me a quality church, and I will show you a church that attracts quality people. Show me a quality product and I will show you a product loved and cherished by quality people. Show me a quality school and I will show you a school quality people send their children to. In fact, show me an excellence-driven organization and I will show you an organization quality people proudly identify with.

You need to understand that if you keep doing things ‘anyhow’, you will keep attracting ‘anyhow’ people. There are people who excellence doesn’t matter to them in anything they do, those are the kind of people that will forever attract a mediocre audience. Average people are always intimidated by excellence, while excellent people are attracted by excellence. Make a decision who you really desire to attract.

When an average person sees something done with so much finesse and excellence, he wonders why people have to go through such pains just to do a simple thing. This is why hanging around average people is one sure way to go down in life.

Dear friend, this is my counsel to you today, if average people are your advisers, you will lose both your name and goodwill.

Excellence attracts goodwill, and it also gives you a good name. Above all, excellence glorifies the Almighty God.

Never forget this: quality people are attracted to excellence.

May the grace for excellence rest on you today in the name of Jesus. I decree that beginning from today you will begin to operate in excellence with natural ease in Jesus name.

Have a fruitful day further!

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