Dear friends, I like you to that for every person God lifted, there was something God saw in them. For every person God used for extraordinary feats, there was a virtue God saw in them. There was a foundation upon which He built.

For David, he was a man of loyalty, excellence and a lover of God; for Joseph, he was a man of integrity and a lover of God; for Abraham, he was a large-hearted man whose ultimate obsession was pleasing the Almighty God; for Daniel, he was a man of excellence and a lover of God; for Elisha, he was a man who had an unusual heart for kingdom service, loyalty and commitment to the Almighty God.

For every person God used and lifted, there was something He saw. Indeed, there are triggers and platforms for divine lifting. There are elements for divine acceleration and divine endorsement.

One of the elements I want us to look at today is ADDICTION TO EXCELLENCE. God is moved (and honored) by excellence, because He is an excellent God.

Anytime God finds a godly person committed to excellence in all things, God shines His light on such a person. Our God is a promoter (and a marketer) of excellence.

Dear friend, when you become a person given to excellence, you become a candidate for divine lifting.

No matter how much you pray, God will never advertise mediocrity. The endorsement of God is not for average men or the mediocre person — The endorsement of God is not for people who do things shabbily!

We serve a God of excellence. The excellence of our God is seen in creation. The bible shows us that immediately God finished creation, He inspected everything thoroughly, and when He saw that everything was EXCELLENTLY done, only then He rested. I believe God would not have gone to rest if He noticed there was something that was not excellently done, or anything that needed improvement. This is one of the testaments of excellent people; they are committedly focused on an assignment or a project until it has been outstandingly and exceptionally executed and delivered.

God has a lifetime commitment to lifting men and women of excellence.

Dear friends, the easiest way to attract prominence is to give yourself to excellence. Show me a person with a passion for excellence and I will show you a person who will never beg for opportunities. It is a repeatedly proven fact that OPPORTUNITIES ALWAYS LOOK FOR PEOPLE OF EXCELLENCE.

If you will make a decision today to offer every service with excellence, if you will make a choice today to deliver your products and to serve wherever you find yourself with excellence, I promise you this one thing: you will never have to beg for survival or attention. Why am I confident of this? QUALITY DELIVERY ALWAYS OPEN THE DOOR FOR OTHER OPPORTUNITIES.

I encourage you today to give yourself to excellence. Become addicted to excellence. Let people know you as a person committed to excellence in all things. Don’t be in a rush or in haste when you do anything that you offer mediocrity to any person or organization.

Have a blessed day further!


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