Hi there, it’s a great day to be alive! I am very confident this is going to be a very good week for you!

When you read the bible, you will discover that in the 1st chapter of Chronicle 12, and in the 32nd verse, there was a very interesting description ascribed to the descendants of Issachar. By the way, Issachar was one of the sons of Jacob; Jacob was the second son of Isaac, and Isaac was the son of Abraham.

The sons of Issachar were referred to as a people who had understanding of the times, and this was a key reason they were leaders amongst their people.

For the purpose of this article, I will like to rephrase the description they were given, I would like to say that they were ‘SIGN READERS’.

What is a sign? A sign is something or anything that indicates to you that something else exists. Behind and beyond the sign, there is always the substance.

It is very important that you understand that most of the challenges and obstacles we face in life are not just in our lives to mess up things for you, but God has placed them around you to build you up, toughen your muscles and to tell you to press harder. Just like the sons of Issachar, only wise folks can read the signs and understand the seasons.

Truth is, what one person sees as an obstacle is what someone else will consider an opportunity.

Dear friend, make it habit from today not to just dwell on what you see; what you see was designed by God to give you signals and show you a message. Those who have the wisdom (and spirituality) to read the signs will always excel in life and in all their endeavors.

Can you remember the story of the wise-men in the bible?

They were men who understood the signs God was showing them. I believe the major reason we still refer to them as wise-men till date was because of their understanding of the signs and signals God showed them. Wise-men understand signs. They know how to interprete divine signals.

Dear friend, I believe God is using the storms in your life to give you a message and to assure you that your ‘rain’, is about to pour. The darkness around you is just a sign that your morning is about to show-up. The multitude of enemies around you and against you is just a sign that God is about to organize a public feast for you.

God speaks more through signs. Only those with understanding can make the best of ‘divine signs’.

Once of the most striking words of Jesus to his disciples was:“On the last day, if you observe these signs, then you will know…”

There was also a man in the bible who ended becoming a major voice and an influential force in his days. His name is Gideon. This guy understood how God operates. This was why he said to God after a major encounter with God: “If it is you Lord, let me see a sign…”

The great prophet, Elijah, also had a clear understanding of spiritual signs, that was why he said in the eighteenth chapter of the verse book of Kings, the 41st verse— “…For I hear the sound of abundance…” He could read the signs, and this helped him take wise and timely actions.

Dear friends, spiritual signs are always pointers that something major is about to happen. They are always pointers that something better is lying in wait.

If you don’t understand signs, you will lack direction in life, and you will always be easily discouraged by anything unpleasant that happens. But, if you can read signs, you will enjoy great strength and hope, you will divine direction and always make the right decisions, and above all, you will always be able to avoid taking steps that will attract regrets.

I believe a major reason many people make wrong financial decisions and investments is failure or inability to read (or pay attention to) the signs. I also believe the reason for wrong relationships (and marriages) is failure or inability to read (or pay attention to) the signs.

The reason for wrong choices is failure to read the signs. There are always signs. If you don’t know how to read signs, you can be in your SEASON, and yet not know.

It is important that you understand that opportunities come with expiry dates. If you don’t understand how to read ‘signs‘, you will keep losing out on opportunities. We need wisdom so we don’t become the one that always shut the doors God opens to us, and so we also don’t become the ones who send away our God-ordained helpers and blindly cleave to our foes.

What are some of the benefits of understanding signs?

  1. You will always know what to do.
  2. You will be rightly positioned for leadership anywhere you find yourself.

How do empower yourself to wisely read signs?

  1. Don’t make hasty and emotional decisions. Always learn to think things through. Learn to study situations, and engage the Holy Spirit for direction in all things. He is your partner, engage him.
  2. You have to be a person that gives prayer and talking to God the topmost priority of your life. As we talk to God daily about everything, he opens our eyes to things we never knew about. (Jeremiah 33:3).
  3. Don’t be a stranger to the Word of God. Let studying of the Word of God be a central part of your life every day. It helps you mature, and it changes your perspective to things. The more we study the Word of God, the more we begin to think and see like God.

I urge you today: lift your eyes and look up — you have looked low for so long. Those who keep looking around don’t go very far, but those who look upwards always move ahead.

I believe God is about to do something new and great this season, and only those who can understand the signs of the season can step into what God is about to deliver.

Your day is truly blessed!



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