Whoever seeks to get better daily will always end up becoming better than his/her peers. When you come to the understanding that who you are today is not good enough for who you desire to be tomorrow, it will drive you seek daily improvement in all areas of life.

Dear friend, I like you to know that excellence is not a destination, excellence is an endless journey till the day you breathe your last.When you refuse to settle at being yesterday’s best, you will always become the best each new day has got to offer.

Regardless of what you achieved or what you have experienced in the past, there is still so much ahead. Don’t settle at being average because of the accolades and applause of people, seek to be a relentless improvement of yourself. Your greatest competition in life should be who you were yesterday. Never allow each new day leave you where the previous left you. Seek constant personal development every new day.

This one thing you must know: the day you encounter God’s best that’s the day you breathe your last. So long you still have breath in your nostrils, you have not yet gotten to His best yet for your life.

Keep going forward, keep striving for better results every day and consciously seek to learn new things every day. And yes, daily improve on your performance and on your results.

The best is yet to come!